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The JIC Belly Band composes and records electronic-acoustic music for belly dancers. Their latest album, "Suite!" includes baladi, chiftetelli and masmoudi beats, as well as a few odd rhythms and a little hip hop here and there. Created by Janet S. Emmons, Isidora and Charles K. Kiene, it will get anyone up and dancing!
Janet S. Emmons shows her own other side with her album of folk songs, "The Other Side." In this collection of songs she wrote over several years, she sings and plays the guitar. Then she added a few friends into the mix who play piano, mandolin, bass, a little synth and even a trumpet. These songs are made for listening, thinking, laughing, crying and maybe even a little twirl around the room.

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Janet, singing on a street for Santa Fe, NM, photographer Mike Hayden. 

 Photo © 2011 Mike Hayden Photography. Used by permission.  


JIC Belly Band -- "Suite"

Electric acoustic music for belly dancing and other dancing



JIC Belly Band -- Charles K. Kiene, Isidora Hart & Janet Emmons backstage during the 2011 Izzy Fest in Durango, CO

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